Adesse New York Air Gel Peel Off Nail Polish

Peel Off Gel Nail Polish- I Do Color - Adesse New York™

Traditional gel nail polishes, when used over a long period of time, cause severe damage to the nails. Often this damage can cause permanent changes to nail color, thickness, and shape. This damage occurs when the nails are covered by traditional gel nail polish and cannot get the necessary air that they need to grow and strengthen. The traditional removal process is also incredibly damaging to nails; soaking nails in acetone and then scraping the gel nail polish off will cause accelerated damage, bruising, splitting, yellowing, and thinning of nails.

Our Peel Off Nail Polish:

* Allow the nails to breathe

* Include the base + color + top coat in one easy application

* Dries in 30 seconds under an LED lamp

* Helps strengthen and protect the nails

* Is chip resistant

* Delivers a high definition flawless finish

* Wears for two weeks

* Is free of harmful ingredients

* Cruelty free

* Available in gorgeous, on trend colors

* And most importantly, peels off for easy, harmless removal with no scraping or soaking required.

You will no longer have to worry about damage to your nails when you use the peel off gel nail polish system by Adesse New York™!



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