Breathable Peel Off Gel Nail Polish is Here

Adesse New York’s Breathable peel off gel nail polish is here…

Peel Off Gel Nail Polish- Happy Customer- Adesse New York™

About a year and a half ago, our customers began asking us if there was a way to formulate a peel off gel nail polish that didn’t do damage to their nails. We were getting a lot of feedback about how customers love the “plumpness” and long-wearability of gel manicures, but hated the damage it caused to their nails.

Customers routinely complained about their thin, splitting and yellowing nails. We concluded that this was a direct result of the nails not being able to breathe while they were wearing traditional gel nail polish. Traditional gel nail polish causes a lack of circulating air which then created dangerous and very damaging conditions for our customers nails.

Customers lamented that, in addition to the damage that was being done to their nails, the process to remove the gel nail polish was even worse. The fact that nails had to be soaked in acetone and then scraped free, rendered the already compromised nails, and caused more damage or deformation. They also expressed grave concern about the harmful long term aging and premature graying that prolonged acetone soaks can cause to nails.

We knew that there had to be a better solution, so we started to work on a new prototype with our cosmetic chemists that would create a paradigm shift in the gel nail polish category.

This was no small task.

The new product had to include every wish on our wish list. It had to:

* Allow the nails to breathe

* Include the base + color + top coat in one easy application

* Dry in 30 seconds under an LED lamp

* Help strengthen and protect the nails

* Resist chipping

* Deliver a high definition flawless finish

* Prolonged wear (up to 2 weeks)

* Be free of harmful ingredients

* Be cruelty free

* Be available in gorgeous, on trend colors

* And most importantly, peel off for easy, harmless removal with no scraping or soaking required.

After a lot of research and developement, guess what…we did it! We have created a peel off gel nail polish that will not do damage to your nails!

Peel Off Gel Nail Polish- Starter Kit - Adesse New York™

The result is the Adesse New York Air Gel Peel Off™ gel polish system that is so scientifically advanced; it will render traditional gel nail polish obsolete.

Here’s how it works:

Our advanced elasticized gel polymer, once dried, creates a light, but strong gel that lightly bonds to the surface of the nail. Advanced photo-initiators in the gel polish are activated by the LED light; flash drying the polish to a flawless, high definition finish in just 30 seconds.

Due to the special bonding technology, air is allowed to circulate between the nails and the polish; enabling the nails to breathe, strengthen and grow. This peel off gel nail polish system gives the nails a super shiny, chip resistant professional gel manicure that wears for up to two weeks.

The revolutionary 3-in-1 formula includes the base + top + color coat in one easy application, thus rendering the old fashioned system of three separate products outdated.

Most importantly, here’s why our product is better:

Traditional gel polish, when used over time, causes severe damage to the nails. This nail damage may become permanent with excessive use. This is the result of nails being suffocated by traditional gel nail polish for extended periods of time. The removal process which requires scraping and soaking in acetone often accelerates the damage resulting in bruising, splitting, yellowing and thinning of the nails.

Adesse New York Air Gel Peel Off™ gel nail polish system is a healthy, anti-aging solution that gives customers everything they love about gel nail polish with none of the harmful side effects.

This changes everything!

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