Eco Chic Beauty Defined

By Suzanne Roberta-Meyer, M.B.A.
Co-founder Adesse New York


For almost two years, I have been traveling the country, talking with customers about the concept of Eco Chic beauty. We really didn’t have a specific term for it; only that it was a small collection of brands and products that combined the aspects of organic, luxury, natural and non-toxic in their products.

My colleague; Amy Turner, cosmetic industry veteran and Founder of the prestigious Elev8 Beauty Show in New York coins it elegantly;

Eco Chic beauty gives consumers the chance to step inside the green bubble of non-toxic beauty, without stepping outside the world of luxury.”

Of course, when I heard this term; I was delighted because it really sums up nicely what we offer here at Adesse New York. When we began the development of the Adesse brand; we knew we wanted to create a brand that was unlike anything available on the market.

Most beauty brands are either luxury or organic, with nothing in between. So, if customers want elegantly packaged, high quality luxury cosmetics, they had to give up on aspects such as vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic.

Conversely, customers who weren’t willing to compromise and only wanted products that were chemical free and organic had to give up luxury and elegant packaging.

And when it comes to nail brands, the landscape was even worse. We found luxury brands that offered beautiful packaging and sophisticated colors, but the trade off was that they contained many harmful ingredients. Because our nails are porous, harmful ingredients soak into our nails and blood stream and can cause damaging and harmful effects.

Organic nail products don’t exist because it is impossible to formulate organic nail polish. For additional information on this, check out my article; Why There is No Such Thing as Organic Nail Polish. So that leaves water based nail polish which is thin and does not wear well, and certainly not luxurious.

We said no; we have to create a brand that gives our customers every thing they want in luxury beauty, with none of the negative aspects.

In the formulation of the Adesse New York products, our plan was simple. Craft in all the good and craft out all the bad.

Crafting in, we formulated each product with a blend of organic Bamboo Extract, Shea and Argan Oils. We use high definition organic pigment, mica and minerals to give our polish a flawless, long wearing, chip resistant finish. Our Nail Treatments combine blends of high performance, multi-tasking ingredients such as Cranberry, Keratin, Biotins and Bamboo to restore the nails to a healthy balanced state. 

Crafting out, we formulated each product without any toxic ingredients or harmful practices. All of Adesse New York’s products are 5 Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Free from Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, GMO’s, Triclosan and TPP / TPhP.

All of our products are made in New York. 

Our packaging is luxurious and sophisticated too, with clean, elegant white and pink boxes that make our customers feel like they are giving themselves a little present when they buy our products.

We think that every customer deserves to have her little luxuries without compromising on clean, non-toxic beauty.

Adesse New York. Everyday Luxury. Everyday Eco Chic.

If you are a beauty buyer or beauty editor and would like additional information about the upcoming Elev8 show in New York, click here.


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