History of the French Manicure

By Suzanne Roberta-Meyer, M.B.A.


What is it about French women?

For centuries, we have been seduced by their effortless style, their impeccable taste and that certain je ne sais quoi that they emanate. So, it seems only natural they they should be credited with the timeless, classical white tipped French manicure.

Would you be surprised to learn that the French manicure was not created by a glamourous French woman in France, but by a man; Jeff Pink, the founder of Orly Nail Polish in Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood.

Pink created this clean look over forty years ago for Hollywood actresses so they would not have to change their nail polish every time there was a wardrobe change. The actresses instantly loved this clean, effortless look and the French manicure became a major success.

Later, when Pink introduced it on the Paris runways, the term “French Manicure” was coined.

Today, the French Manicure is still as polished and sophisticated as it was forty years ago. There are many variations, but the classic white tip remains timeless and the go-to look for any occasion.

How to Create the Classic French Manicure in a Few Easy Steps.

We all love the look of the effortlessly chic, classic French Manicure. Now, it’s super easy to create it at home in three easy steps.

First, shape your nails to the desired shape and cleanse them thoroughly. We recommend Purifying Nail Cleanser to remove surface dirt and environmental impurities.

Next, apply white polish to the tips of the nails. We love White Lotus for the tips, or Cynthia for a softer look. Begin near the edge of your nails and polish toward the tips. About one quarter of your nails should be white. Apply a second coat and allow to dry.

Next, take a small brush; eyeshadow brushes with hard bristles work best and dip in nail polish remover. Clean off the excess white polish by moving the brush across the nail. We recommend following the natural curve of the nail tip to create a slightly beveled look.

Next, apply one or two coats of Brightening Base Coat to the entire nail. This will even out any discoloration in your nails and brighten the look. Plus, it is a plumping base coat, so it also smooths out any imperfections in your nails.

Finally, apply one coat of Diamond Shine Top Coat and Voila! You are done!

Simply, elegant and perfect for any occasion.


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