Nail Strengtheners Reverse the Signs of Environmental Damage

By Suzanne Roberta-Meyer
Founding Partner at Adesse New York

 Nail Strengthener by Adesse

One of the biggest challenges in keeping nails healthy and strong is avoiding products that contain harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. Using nail strengtheners is the best way to keep your nails healthy, balanced and beautiful.
Environmental stress, every day wear and tear and harsh products can weaken the nails causing breakage, splitting, thinning and discoloration. Over time, nails can look dull and aged but using nail strengtheners consistently can reverse the signs of damage and return the nails to a healthy and balanced state.

At Adesse New York, we believe that strong + healthy = beautiful nails and the best way to improve the condition of the nails is to use nail growth products everyday.

Working with our R&D chemists, we developed Nail Growth Optimizer; an advanced complex of Biotin, Calcium, Keratin Protein and Argan Oil that reduces breakage and splitting while providing the strength and nutrition factors that optimize nail growth. This is one of the best nail growth treatment products to use between manicures as it is designed to be worn without polish.

Our Nail Defense is one of the best nail growth treatment products on the market; designed to hydrate and stabilize soft, weak nails. The power packed complex of Keratin Protein, Bio-minerals and Vitamin E provide a shield of protection from environmental stress and damage. This is one of the best and most advanced nail strengtheners and can be worn under polish.


Nail Growth OptimizerNail Defense

              Nail Growth Optimizer                                     Nail Defense 



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