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Today, I’d like to talk about something very near and dear to my heart; healthy, balanced, beautiful nails.

For those of you who know me, you know that I am passionate about creating beauty products that are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free and beautifying. But when it comes to nails; products that heal, strengthen and return the nails to a healthy balanced state are a big priority.

Everyday, I talk to customers who have badly damaged nails from years of using gel, acrylics and harsh products. They want to stop, but their nails are so damaged that they keep using these harmful products because their nails have become too unattractive to leave bare. They use color polish to hide their nails, but it doesn’t fix the damage.

That is why we developed the Anti-aging Nail Treatment Essentials Collection. This collection was developed with a ‘skin care’ approach and includes a full range of products that cleanse, balance, rejuvenate and strengthen the nails.

For most of us, the three most common nail problems are;

Breakage, weak, brittle, hard to grow nails. For this we recommend Nail Growth Optimizer; an innovative anti-aging treatment base coat with a complex that fortifies weak nails and helps replenish depleted nutrients necessary to moisture the nails. Our proprietary complex of Biotins, Calcium, Keratin Protein and Argan Oil help to reduce breakage and splitting while providing the strength and nutrition required to optimize nail growth.

Ridges and imperfections in the nails. For this, we recommend “CC” Smoothing Base Coat. This smoothing, multi-tasking base is an 11-in-1 superstar that conceals, brightens, primes, plumps, protects, perfects, strengthens, moisturizes, smooths, fills ridges and improves the wear of the manicure. It’s the perfect way to “Plump Start” your manicure.

Dry, dehydrated cuticles and flaking nails. For this, we recommend Strengthening Bamboo Cream. This super rich cream contains a rejuvenating blend of Bamboo Extract, Minerals and precious oils. Multi-tasking cream hydrates the cuticles and improves the appearance of week, dehydrated, flaking nails.

Taking daily care of our nails minimized the effects of environmental stress and improves the overall health and condition of the nails.

Healthy nails respond better to color polish because they are well conditioned, creating a more flawless canvas for your polish and extending the wear of each manicure.

For more information on how you can keep your nails in a healthy balanced state, check out our blog.

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Suzanne Roberta-Meyer
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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