Vegan Nail Polish Brands – Animals Do Not Belong On Our Nails

By Donica Dee Burton
Adesse New York Social Media Marketing Intern

5 Free Nail Polish-Vegan & Cruelty Free Polish Brand-Adesse New York

We have all been in the following situation. It’s Friday night, and you finally decide to go out. You have selectively handpicked your outfit and everything looks great except for one major detail: your unpolished nails.

For a night on the town, unpainted nails are absolutely unacceptable! To fix your little dilemma, you decide to drive to your local beauty store and select a few potential nail polish colors. When you get back home, you’ll take the time to paint your nails to match your hand-selected outfit. You have selected a bold, beautiful red nail polish and a dazzling metallic-finish nail polish. They look gorgeous, and will certainly be eye-catching. However, like most consumers, you didn’t think about the vegan status of your purchase. You also did not think of how long your newly painted nails would last.

Gel Polish-Red Vegan Nail Polish- Adesse New York

Some nail companies, like vegan nail polish brand Adesse New York, make an fantastic effort to assure their customers that they will be purchasing nail polish that doesn’t consist of animal derived ingredients. Adesse New York is committed to offering gel nail polish that is free of animal testing as well as free of harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all companies are making the same efforts as we are. That beautiful and bold red could have been made from crushed beetles. And the dazzling, metallic-finished polish could have been made from fish scales.

Animal testing and animal-derived ingredients could possibly be making an appearance in your next manicure/pedicure if you don’t check the status on your next nail polish purchase.  Why let a cute, cuddly, and innocent animal suffer for your beauty needs when you could opt for brands that take a stand against animal cruelty. Take a stand against animal-testing and animal-derived ingredients by choosing vegan gel nail polish brands with a conscience!



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