Why Using Nail Hardeners Everyday Improves the Long Term Health of Your Nails

By Suzanne Roberta-Meyer
Founding Partner at Adesse New York

                            Anti-aging Nail Treatents

Nail hardeners, nail moisturizers and cuticle moisturizers are essential nail treatments to counteract the stressed condition of nails and cuticles caused by environmental stress, damaging products and every day abuse.

But during brutal winter months, our nails and cuticles are at even greater risk for damage due to exposure to harsh cold outdoor weather and the drying and dehydrating effects of indoor heat. We often suffer from breakage, splitting, thinning and brittle nails. The best nail strengtheners and cuticle care repair products, when used daily, can reverse the damage and leave our nails looking beautiful, healthy and strong.

At Adesse New York, we focus on nail health and have developed a collection of anti-aging nail hardeners and nail treatments that restore the nails to their healthy, balanced state.

Our Fortifying Shea Treatment provides intense moisturization and nourishment to dry and damaged cuticles and nails. Integral to the performance of this treatment is our Shea Butter derived emollient which is rich in Vitamins A & E, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil. It provides superior moisturization and nourishment without a heavy or greasy feel.

Our Strengthening Bamboo Cream is a multi-tasking super cream that combines a rich complex of bamboo extract, mineral and precious oils. It hydrates the cuticles and improves the appearance of week, dehydrated and brittle nails.

Our Neroli Flower Cuticle Oil is one of the best cuticle oils available; containing an anti-bacterial blend of Shea Oil, Neroli Orange Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Almond Oil and Vitamin E.

Working with our R&D chemists, we developed Nail Growth Optimizer; an advanced complex of Biotin, Calcium, Keratin Protein and Argan Oil that reduces breakage and splitting while providing the strength and nutrition factors that optimize nail growth. This is one of the best nail hardeners to use between manicures as it is designed to be worn without polish.

Dry, Damages Cuticles and Nailsdehydrated and Brittle NailsBest Cuticle OilBreaking and Splitting Nails

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